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iBand: EEG headband that helps you Sleep & Dream!

Dreams and Sleep are vital for optimal health and happiness. Our mission is to build a technology that will improve sleep and enable everyone to experience the beautiful world of lucid dreams!

Meed iBand+

Dreams and sleep play an important role in our health and happiness. While sleep rejuvenates the body, dreams rejuvenate the mind. Meet iBand+, the headband that helps you sleep and dream!

A truly smart wireless Bluetooth EEG headband, iBand+ senses your brain waves with laboratory level accuracy. It also conceals special health tracking sensors to measure body movement, heart rate and body temperature.

iBand+ tracks and analyzes information about your brain and body throughout the sleep cycle with an advanced auto-learning software algorithm. It then uses this information to play and intelligently adjust the audio-visual signals to:

  • Induce lucid dreams
  • Help you fall asleep easily
  • Wake up naturally

The RGB LEDs on iBand+ headband and the compact iBand+ pillow speakers work together to effectively deliver audio-visual stimuli while providing optimum user comfort.

Based on the information gathered from your previous sleep cycles, iBand+ app recommends the audio-visual techniques that can work best for you and helps you choose from the pre-loaded audios. You can also choose from your own music and audiobook library.


Experience lucid dreams

Dreams are the best and most authentic VR experience; a world with no rules and consequences. Imagine if you could be fully aware that you are dreaming without you actually waking up. Such a state of consciousness is possible and it is called “lucid dreaming”.

Once you are lucid in a dream, you can take control of your dream actions and consciously reshape the dream to fulfill any fantasy and experience anything you can imagine! To control your dream, however, you must first become aware that you are dreaming. iBand+ helps you do that!

Dreams occur when you are in the Rapid Eye Movement (REM) phase of your sleep. During REM phase, the body is largely disconnected from the brain, effectively leaving the muscles incapable of movement -- the reason we don’t act out our dreams. iBand+ accurately senses this dream phase by monitoring variations in your brain waves and the body vitals.

Once iBand+ senses this dream phase, it plays audio-visual cues. These subtle external stimuli of light patterns via the LEDs on headband and sound from the pillow speakers appear as anomalies in your dream making you aware that you are dreaming without waking you up.

Once in lucid dream, you enter a virtual world where everything you see, hear, touch, taste and smell is as authentic as reality!

Lucid dreaming has been researched scientifically. Many psychologists and researchers have recognized that lucid dreams can help with artistic creativity, problem solving, improving sports and language skills, and can even help people prone to nightmares to get their fears under control.

Improve Sleep

A productive day starts with a great night’s sleep. Soothing music is one of the oldest techniques used for meditation and relaxation. Music can help the onset of sleep, improve sleep quality and sleep duration thus leading to a greater sleep satisfaction.

iBand+ helps you sleep easily in a natural way with sounds and music that calm your mind and trigger sleep. It tracks your sleep cycle, body movement, heart rate and body temperature, and intelligently adjusts the music and the volume as you fall asleep. Once asleep, iBand+ turns off the music. It then gently introduces white noise that masks distractions and ensures a sound sleep.

Gain Insight into your sleep

Sleep is very important to restore energy reserves and strengthen the immune system. Even minimal sleep loss affects mood, productivity, ability to handle stress and even body weight!

iBand+ tracks your sleep by monitoring brain waves, indicates sleep quality and gives feedback on improvement.

Goodbye Groggy mornings

iBand+ tracks your sleep by monitoring brain waves, indicates sleep quality and gives feedback on improvement.

Health tracker

The more you know about your body, the better you can take care of it! iBand+ is also your personal health tracker that enables you to monitor your health even while asleep!

Sensors measure body movement, heart rate and body temperature. This information about the body together with EEG information about the brain provides a glimpse into your physical and mental state that could disclose potential health and sleep problems.

iBand+ App

iBand+ headband communicates with iBand+ app on your iOS and Android smartphones via Bluetooth.



  • Strap made of high quality soft, breathable fabric for superior comfort.
  • Low power Bluetooth 4.0 module that wirelessly syncs with your smartphone.
  • 4 LEDs placed at interpupillary distances (eye distances) that optimally cover almost all the face sizes.
  • With RGB LEDs users can customize the colors of the visual cues as per individual preferences.

Pillow Speakers:

  • 2 high fidelity compact and slim speakers for superior sound.
  • Soft, anti-slip cover.
  • Forward facing speakers ensure the sound gets evenly distributed throughout the pillow surface.
  • Standard 3.5mm headphone jack.

Technical Specifications:

  • Dry EEG electrodes: no preparation, no adhesive gel
  • Low noise EEG sensing: 50dB signal-to-noise ratio, high accuracy
  • 4 RGB LEDs: each producing a gamut of 16 million colors
  • Body movement: 3D accelerometer
  • Heart rate: optical sensor
  • Body temperature: direct touch sensor with ADC
  • Bluetooth wireless range: 10m / 33 ft

In the box

Complete set contains:

  • iBand+ EEG brain sensing and health tracking headband
  • iBand+ pillow speakers with superior sound
  • USB charging cable
  • User manual download
  • Free app download